National Pollinator Week – Products of the Hive

By: Olivia Doyle National Pollinator Week is celebrated this year from June 17- 23. It has been celebrated nationally for the past 12 years after the U.S. Senate approved to pick a week each year to be recognized as National Pollinator Week to shed light on the decline in pollinator populations. The goal of this … More National Pollinator Week – Products of the Hive

DPAP Packing Hacks

By: Olivia Doyle For many, Memorial Day is the long-awaited kick off to summer. Memorial Day weekend is filled with beach vacations, barbecues, weekend getaways or maybe just a milestone getting travelers one step closer to their meticulously planned international getaway later in the summer months. Although traveling internationally is an exciting adventure, there is no … More DPAP Packing Hacks

Celebrate Cinco de Mayo with Fresh from Florida guacamole

By: Olivia Doyle Cinco de Mayo is a celebration of Mexico’s victory against France in the Battle of Puebla in 1862,  a reason to immerse yourself in Mexican culture, and best of all, indulge in traditional Mexican food. Think of your favorite dishes to enjoy in celebration of Cinco de Mayo. Is it tacos? Fajitas, maybe? Quesadillas? … More Celebrate Cinco de Mayo with Fresh from Florida guacamole

Day in the Life – Apiary Inspector, Carmen Fraccica

By: Holly Hughes This month in our “Day in the Life” series, we follow Carmen Fraccica, an apiary inspector and supervisor for the Bureau of Plant and Apiary Inspection. A special thanks to Holly Hughes, Information Specialist, and Shelby Oesterreicher, Public Information Specialist, for following Carmen for the day and contributing to the blog this week. … More Day in the Life – Apiary Inspector, Carmen Fraccica

Meet our Volunteer: Andy Jean-Louis

By: Holly Hughes This semester, the Division of Plant Industry (DPI) has been happy to have Andy Jean-Louis volunteering in our entomology section under Dr. Zee Ahmed. Andy was born and raised in Haiti. He graduated from EARTH (Escuela de Agricultura de la Region Tropical Humeda) University in Costa Rica with his undergraduate degree in Agriculture … More Meet our Volunteer: Andy Jean-Louis

DPI celebrates National Ag Day

By: Olivia Doyle Today is National Ag Day, celebrated each year during National Ag Week. On National Ag Day, the Agriculture Council of America and partners involved in agriculture across the country including producers, associations, corporations, universities, government agencies and more, work together to recognize agriculture and its impact on the United States. National Ag … More DPI celebrates National Ag Day