About Us

The Florida Department of Agriculture and Consumer Services Division of Plant Industry (DPI) employs over 300 individuals across the state, all working to protect Florida’s native and commercially grown plants and apiary industry from harmful pests and diseases.

DPI consists of five bureaus including: Citrus Budwood, Entomology, Nematology, and Plant Pathology, Methods Development and Biological Control, Plant and Apiary Inspection, and Pest Eradication and Control.

The Bureau of Citrus Budwood administers a program to assist growers and nurserymen in producing trees that are believed to be pure to varietal type, productive and free from certain recognizable bud-transmissible diseases detrimental to fruit production and tree longevity.

The Bureau of Entomology, Nematology, and Plant Pathology consists of scientists, laboratory technicians and other support personnel who identify and process samples sent in by inspectors and Florida citizens. Botany is also included in this bureau.

The Bureau of Methods Development and Biological Control develops, investigates, and implements new ideas, techniques and methods for the detection, control and eradication of plant and honey bee pests.

The Bureau of Plant and Apiary Inspection is responsible for protecting Florida’s agricultural industry and the public from the introduction and spread of serious plant and apiary pests. The bureau enforces Florida statutes and departmental rules pertaining to the movement of plants, plant products, honey bees and beekeeping equipment.

The Bureau of Pest Eradication and Control responds to the introduction of plant pests and diseases of economic significance as determined by the Florida Department of Agriculture and Consumer Services for the purpose of regulating the movement of or initiating control and/or eradication measures against such pests.

The mission of DPI is “protection through detection”, which serves the Florida Department of Agriculture and Consumer Services’ core values of professionalism, integrity, commitment, innovation, and excellence.